Paul Doffing started out in the retail meat market in 1983 having his son, Tim Doffing, by his side. Tim’s son, Matt Doffing, joined the team in 1995 to make this a three-generation meat market. Paul decided to retire his ownership and passed it on to Tim in August of 2006.

The Doffing family meat market started with a dream.  In the mid-70’s Paul Doffing was working at Red Owl in Hastings. When they closed he moved to Penny’s Supermarkets which sold out to Jerry’s Supermarkets. After all this moving, Paul decided to follow his dream: his dream of owning his own a grocery store or meat market. He traveled all over looking for the perfect location. He found out the owner of the Tom Thumb store in Hastings, Minnesota (Paul’s hometown) was thinking of selling. There was a small meat market next to the Tom Thumb store where he went to work for the owner in 1981 with hopes of owning it someday.

In September 1983 Paul’s dream became a reality. He was now the owner of his own business and changed the name to Duff’s Superette & Duff’s Meats.  He had the support of his friends and family to help run his store.  After 8 years he decided to close the Superette and move the meat market to a larger location.  At that point he changed the name to Duff’s Meats & Deli. 

In August of 2006 Paul decided he had enough and closed the doors and retire as the owner.  This is when the 2nd generation came into play. Paul’s son, Tim Doffing, had been working with is dad since 1981 and decided to take over the family business! Tim was looked to reopen in a larger location and bring in some new items and ideas. After some time Tim followed his dream and reopened Duff's Meats 2. The "2" stands for second generation. Tim is hoping to serve Hastings area for many years to come in hopes that someday he will be able to pass the family business onto his son, Matt Doffing, who has been working with his dad and grandpa since 1995. As the responsibilities shift Matt will now take over the sausage making and maybe even come up with some of his own.